Mar 25, 2019 | Introduction Letter to Copake Planning Board – Hydrogeologist, Paul Rubin of HydroQuest


414 East Kerley Corners Road

Tivoli, New York 12583

March 25, 2019

Hon. Robert Haight, Chairman Town of Copake Planning Board 230 Mt. View Road
Copake, New York 12516

RE: GRJH Craryville Store – Gas Station Proposal

Dear Mr. Haight and Members of the Planning Board:

I represent residents in the vicinity of the Craryville hamlet who have serious concerns regarding potential adverse environmental impacts stemming from the proposed GRJH gas station. My expertise lies in the fields of geology, hydrology, and hydrogeology. I am in the process of reviewing the hydrologic setting and assorted project-related documents with specific focus on the suitability of the proposed location and potential risks to groundwater and surface water quality, including to that of down-gradient wetlands and the Taghkanic Creek.

As seen on attached Figure 1, the proposed gas station site is saddled between two south-flowing branches of Taghkanic Creek that tie to the creek’s westward flowing main stem. In addition, reference to the elevational contours on Figure 1 indicate that another stream flows south-southeast into the general area of the proposed gas station. Significant wetlands are present within this saddle area. Geologists have mapped this area, including the area beneath the proposed gas station, as highly permeable sand and gravel. This material was deposited in a proglacial fluvial setting and comprises a valuable unconfined aquifer with yields likely ranging between 10 and 100 gallons per minute. It is important that both the hydrology and hydrogeology of the proposed site, as well as the particulars of gas station construction, are comprehensively evaluated so that the Town of Copake does not inadvertently jeopardize the quality of Town water resources as a result of contaminant additions (e.g., soluble phase hydrocarbons, septic pathogens).

I look forward to working with you to ensure that the Town’s valuable water resources are protected. I will provide more detailed commentary in the future.


Paul A. Rubin