Jan 29, 2019 | Letter to the Copake Planning Board - Craryville Resident, David Foley

January 29, 2019

Dear Copake Planing Board, 

I’m writing to express my support for Save Craryville, specifically as the letter from attorney Emily B. Svenson addresses the subject.

I agree that the proposed gas station/restaurant convenience store is both out-of-scale and out-of-character for the hamlet of Craryville. I am concerned about the great possibility of pollution of the aquifer, the unavoidable light pollution inherent in a development of this scale and consequently urge you to make public a full Environmental Impact Statement that covers issues of scale, character, and the effect on water quality, and any other issues that the proposal raises. Moreover, I would think that the hamlet would be concerned about declining property values in and around the immediate vicinity of the development should it come to be.

Along with many of my neighbors here in Craryville, I shop at Random Harvest, am frequently at the post office, and regularly drive Rt. 23 through Craryville to Hillsdale and on to western Massachusetts.  

As a resident of Craryville, an architect and professor of design and environmental theory, I am deeply concerned about this alarming change to our rural community. 

Thank you for your service and your consideration.

David Foley

Craryville, NY