Jan 28, 2019 | Letter to the Copake Planning Board - Craryville Resident, Tim Heffernan

Dear Mr. Haight and Members of the Planning Board:

I stand with Save Craryville!

Per attorney Emily Svenson's letter to the Planning Board, presented January 3, 2019, we are calling on the Copake Planning Board to require the following:

1. Revised site plan that conforms to Copake Zoning Code

2. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment focused on potential subsurface contamination

3. Revised Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

4. Groundwater Impact Analysis

5. Visual Impact Report

I live across the street from the site. The water table is very high. My well is hardly 20 feet deep.

Concerned about ground water contamination.

Does Cobble Pond have insurance to relocate neighbors if a spill contaminates my water and can no longer get potable water from my well?

In solidarity,

Tim Heffernan