Jan 27, 2019 | Letter to the Copake Planning Board - Craryville Residents, Carin Berger & Max Moerman

Dear Chairman Haight and members of the planning board,

My name is Carin Berger and my husband is Max Moerman. We used most of our savings to buy our house and move here from NYC because we treasure the quiet beauty, the historical integrity, and the rural traditions of the area. We have encouraged friends to do the same.

We just learned about the plans for the outsized truck stop which is basically on our corner...a corner that is already highly trafficked and dangerous. In fact, last month there was a serious accident just a little further down the road from this corner. We fear that this project poses significant risks to traffic safety, environmental health, and agricultural sustainability. If it goes forward it will be noisy and dangerous and completely out of character of the area. Having additional diesel trucks coming through on Route 23 will increase the traffic and ruin the quiet that we, as a community, value.

There simply is not a need for yet another gas station or a characterless convenience store in our community. We already have three gas stations within 5 miles of the proposed project. These smaller, local businesses, moreover, will be put into jeopardy by this project. Additionally, we don't want to set a precedent for large scale commercial development which would destroy the character of our area. 

This community has the unique combination of rural beauty and vibrant local business. These are the qualities that draw new residents, tourists, and dynamic businesses and which should be cultivated. It is what makes our area unique and desirable. We believe that the proposed outsized, corporate truck stop will be a step backwards, that the project is short sighted and that it and will be destructive to the innovative culture of new businesses that we should be working to grow. 

We have been following the decision making process closely, and see that while there have been amendments made to the plan, there are still some significant issues that have not been addressed. There is still much that hasn't been studied about the site and the plan. We agree with SaveCraryville  in their calls for the following:
1. Revised site plan that conforms to Copake Zoning Code
2. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment focused on potential subsurface contamination
3. Revised Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
4. Groundwater Impact Analysis
5. Visual Impact Report

We urge you to do these studies before making any decision, and that you side with the well-being of the community rather than giant corporations who value private profit over the public good. 

Thank you for your consideration.


Carin Berger and Max Moerman